A Short History of Minack Theatre

Open to visitors all day curved, and displaying productions of acting for the period of its exposed season in the summer months, the Minack theatre is the incredible and impressive life piece of solitary woman.

Rowena Cade considered, built and financed the complete phenomenon herself,  employing group to help her, but forever involved in hands-on piece  herself, and taking on a much superior portion of piece and responsibilities  than everyone in addition. Much of the theatre is hand -built by her.

The area with the purpose of Minack theatre is built in is already an astoundingly  beautiful place, with inconceivably dramatic cliffs plunging straight  into the ocean, and the property exceeding these rugged and wild, but sheltering  the theatre without a glitch.

It creates a wonderful landscape in support of acting to be  set on, surrounded by the rugged beauty of nature, but enclosed contained by  an intricately structured design. When you know all this, the choose of the  place makes discern, as Minack in Cornish process 'rocky place'. During the  construction itself, simply a number of stones and a wheelbarrow were lost to the  cliffs as well, which is impressive and more exactly providential.


The theatre wasn't able to disburse its way in support of the majority of  its existence, and so  Rowena made up the losses with her own money. Eventually, it was handed  finished to a charitable endowment agree up entirely to look like the theatre, and  they are who run it without hesitation like Rowena's death in 1983.