The Best Films Of 2010

Shutter Iceland

Creepy by the way Hitchcock would have been proud. This FILM makes you feel uncomfortable and boring, the exact reaction. Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have to form a team each year, so that they are seeing at least a good movie! With Ben Kingsley and Mark Ruffalo, he says, is a great occupation.

Toy Story 3

I've rarely animated films on my list, but it did. How does Pixar do it so well every time? Each of his films is ideal for children and adults, but not something a parent object to one of his films. The third in the series, is better with Pixar!

The Karate Kid

I went to see this attitude a little boring as they could satisfy with Daniel-San and Mr. Miyagi, but Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan does not disappoint. I was surprised by the ease of Smith, in film and acting, because it was not Oscar caliber, but impressive for its primary role. And it's hard to admit, but I think I liked the story of the new over the old.


All I can say is how Christopher Nolan is this overcome? The Dark Knight then - the spirit of this man must be in the Smithsonian.

The Town

Ben Affleck shows in this film that can be a great actor. There were only a few films to prove the opposite, but it is impressive. But I think his true calling is the director. With it directs Gone Baby Gone, which was great, and now the city, perhaps really belongs behind the camera.