Attracting Birds To Your Garden

First, birds in the geographical location of your garden will be attracted.
In order to know the birds are currently in the geographic area, to consult professional journals and documentation. Perhaps, even if the guy is some information on this aspect, although this is not always true. Libraries and bookstores have books take on migration and on the streets, that some bird species reach their summer or winter. Also photographing birds you see and compare them with documentation and information you will find information about an option whether these birds can make a stopover in the area in which we live
Birds need water. This is very important. A bath or pool, regardless of size or material that appeal to many families of birds, including ducks and geese. 

If you is also a place where they could find food, bird seed, bread or anything like them, which would increase the chances that a trip to your garden. You can try, such as corn. Seeds of all kinds were also a response to the question of obtaining birds in your garden. The seeds that most birds prefer sunflower seeds are very easy to find and cheap. However, before you buy seeds, you should see a list of all birds in the area and food preferences found each bird to ensure they can provide food for many species of birds.
These are the first steps you need to do to attract birds to your garden. The second step is to get children away from all that fear could disrupt or hold birds. Pets in the garden next door neighbor's dog can frighten birds. Try to keep dogs chained or neighbors at home, because most are afraid of dogs.
Note also that some birds do not match each other, can prevent your garden for a certain type, because no other species in it. Some stay away because the children and the noise is too loud, and others may stay away because the place does not look natural. So know your character and habits are an important factor in our backyard.