The Best Comedy Movies

The world has already recovered several times of disasters or economies from the crisis and unemployment hit. In 2010 there was much suffering and sorrow. And even if  Hollywood is the use of public safety had to laugh comedy and forget some of his personal problems and questions. The comic strip in 2010 was a success.

The Other Guys : Another hilarious, if the collaboration between the actor Will Ferrell and Adam McKay stereotypical Director of the comedy police, the first option had to be natural. The other two no intelligent pieces have to write. This is memorable for the pleasure of conventional mood.

Two officers on their luck, Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were taken from their mundane office jobs, in action, as was the above Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson neglected for quite some time. Yes, it's pretty similar in the field of Lethal Weapon, although much less intelligent and witty. However, the farce that develops between the two characters always entertaining and ridiculous.

Kick-Ass : has known Matthew Vaughn for a wild and unbridled imagination, and his departure at the beginning of 'Stardust', one of my favorite comedies in 2007. With Kick-Ass, probably in the same style is volatile and violent Watchmen Zack Snyder. Believe me, this thread too much about cool, funny and entertaining.

Nicolas Cage is perfectly cast as a parody of Batman meets Daredevil, bands of gags in his flashy suits and smart one-liner caught too. This is an action of the whole issue of the comic, said unexpectedly into a BD.

Date Night : Mark Wahlberg  shining again as a police shirtless in this film is a little predictable date. Cable, Steve Carell and Tina Fey as a dysfunctional couple who plan the perfect date, just a mess. At the time of the gags seem tired Wahlberg is taking action. Perfect.