Best Websites for Wasting Time

The Internet was created for knowledge sharing and dissemination. It is highly unlikely that the engineers who originally introduced what we now know as the Internet for people to spend thousands of hours of video streaming from monkeys smell their own farts. But do not get out much! If you want to take your mind is idle for a ride, here are the best places to waste time:

YouTube - There is a list of waste of time and brain cells would not be without mentioning YouTube concluded. If you represent all that is evil in the world and all that is good about it is a matter of opinion, but more than a billion page views - I do not think they believe.

Wikipedia - perhaps more in line with the intention of the creators of the Internet is Wikipedia, the free circulation, available online click one of the find in the situation. The links in the text that is easy to read from a city in China, skipped to learn more about the history of pizza in just a few clicks ... But hey, at least you look!

Virtual Tourist - my favorite travel website! Includes virtual tourism travelogues and tips from people who've been there. Your database is huge. For a few tips from Paris to Shentuckettville, Wisconsin. My favorite is the section "Warnings and threats" ... Can read the warnings and dangers of places like Rio, Somalia or Johannesburg damn interesting.

eBay - I do not think it's an addiction? Search for "NR NIB (New In Box No Reserve) ordered by sale ending. If you love a bargain or you are a collector of worthless things, you will not be able to endure!

BuzzFeed - Find has to offer to the best of the Internet? BuzzFeed see a site that makes finding content more viral and it puts everything in one place to find it for you.
Why are you still reading this article? Go ahead and start to lose a little time