List Of The best Horror Films

Although the choice of films depends solely on your personal preferences, you can see through the top horror movies, if you are interested in are that. There are several films should see a list of any real horror fan. The first is the blob. was brought into being in 1950. Steve McQueen was the central character, a young played hard, a real heart of the bitter struggle for the space of mucus, which was demolished in the world. It was for this remake of the horror classic created, but many still prefer the original version.

Friday 13 is also a gripping Horror Movies. It was a horror movie in the modern world until now, remains high attention and popularity. Even if there is a whole sequence of the film series Friday, 13 products, most fans of the original and best voted. In the film, the main character, Jason and his hockey mask etched permanently and deeply into the minds of the audience and all I saw were probably missed.

Besides the two mentioned above, another amazing creation that is in the list of the best horror films "The Exorcist" is. published Unlike other films in the 1970s, was this film, advertising was earnest. It was a strange sight that people stood in line for additional lines to be one of the hearings. The leading role was Linda Blair. The story describes a young woman from the devil and one of the best scenes was when the head had spun like a top. The scary scenes in this film were to send great for all audiences, to shudder.

Another top rated film Jaws. As one of the most popular horror, the jaws were some of the best films of the screen offered by the anxiety before an imaginary audience. In fact, most viewers were surprised by the carnage on the screen quite amazing. It was an incredible production of Steven Spielberg, and remains a great list that deserves to be in the horror genre to the best.


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