Museums in Italy - The Vatican Wonder

In addition to the visit as one of the most Romantic places, Italy is also known for its abundance of art and architecture recognized known. It is a must for lovers of art and the Chamber of world-famous museums show a lot of fine Italian cities, popular Italian art can enrich the experience of any art lover. Since there are thousands upon thousands take to museums in Italy, the weeks, covering up is the most important. Museums, particularly in Rome, Florence and Milan are very popular and more than 1.5 million tourists visit these museums throughout the year.

The Vatican Museums are one of the largest and most famous museums in the world close to home for thousands of museums in the Vatican City, Rome. The Vatican museums, the Art collection from the Roman Catholic Church. This art has been in the glorious establishment of the museum's 16th Century collected. The jewel in the crown of the Vatican museums, the famous Sistine Chapel, which houses works by Michelangelo and internationally renowned chef from the ceiling of the chapel. It is also important to visit is the "Last Judgement" by Michelangelo in the collection after 20 years. The Sistine Chapel is a part of 54 galleries, all collections of art show magnanimity. Access to the Sistine Chapel, at last, after completion of the journey through the 53 galleries, or "rooms" as they call them. The most popular are the Greek cross contains Chambers Gallery rotunda room where the famous bronze statue of Hercules is the gallery of statues, the famous statues in the world as "Sleeping Ariadne" and "Barberini Candelabra, Salla delle Muse was the famous Apollo and nine, The group of statues of the Muses. The famous "Gallery of cards," the old paintings and maps of Italy includes the world, is also one of the strengths of the Vatican Museums. Visitors should make a point to the "Galerie des Gobelins", the tapestries exquisite workmanship of the fifteenth century visit to the seventeenth century contains.

Also on the appointment, the list of "The Raphael Rooms", the four connecting rooms, which house works of art by the great artist Raphael. Precious works of several artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Angelico, Vatican Giotto, Titian and Nicolas Poussin in the museums. The Vatican Museums are open most active in the last Sunday of the month, to the public free of charge. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance to check out between weeks, or take a package tour of the Vatican Museums and Rome. This makes the entrance to the museum faster, and waits for the wonders of the world to see, short-lived.