The Top Five Inspirational Dance Movies

It's just something special about the dance films with the heart and soul goes. Then add an uplifting message with the dance and the film is still powerful. Here are five of my favorites, I've never been inspired. You can always make me feel good to think that I can do something to dance at my feet.

1. Mao's Last Dancer (2009)

Director: Bruce Beresford. Stars: Chi Cao, Bruce Greenwood, Kyle MacLachlan, Joan Chen.
This true story is based on the autobiography of Li Cunxin, born 1961, grew up in poverty in China and was very hard in training to become a dancer at the age of eleven is based. The end result is that it first to an international ballet dancer. Their struggle for artistic freedom and personal is very inspiring. The dance scenes are exquisite.

2. One Last Dance (2003)

Director: Lisa Niemi. Stars: Patrick Swayze, Lisa Niemi, George De La Pena.
This inspiring film shows the inner world of the dancers on this subject is never too late to realize their dreams. This is a labor of love from Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze made. Her dance scenes are absolutely beautiful and reflect your true love of life for others. This story began as a critically acclaimed game, without a word, in Beverly Hills in 1984.

3. Save The Last Dance (2001)

Director: Thomas Carter. Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington star.
This film is the story of two high school students who dance as a way to prosper and find their way of life. Sarah tries, re-live his dream, a hip-hop dancer and Derek, the focus will be used to gang involvement. There is a subplot of race relations. The dance is usually cool and fun with good music.

4. Billy Elliot (2000)

Director: Stephen Daldry. Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, John Heywood: stars.
A boy of eleven years in England, she discovered dance free. Finally, the dance will help you cope with the death of his mother and family relationships, and turned it beyond the poverty to become a professional dancer in the glory. Outside of dance Billy is exciting. The film has been in a play that great success has adapted on Broadway and in London.

5. Dirty Dancing (1987)

Directed by Emile Ardolino. Stars: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Cynthia Rhodes.
What can you say about this classic love story in the 60 years to meet the two people from different worlds and your true inner self through dancing. The film dance music and fantastic, wonderful quality, and numerous subplots. It is said that cooperation in this film writers, choreographers, actors, and it was absolutely incredible. This gem is used as a game with success around the world while a huge, international cultural impact of music, television and more.

It is interesting to note that in all these films - starting with Patrick Swayze through the character of Johnny in "Dirty Dancing, there is cause for at least a male that the message is that really enough to send a man and a dancer another. important theme in these films is, as the dance of a relationship is intensified. In summary, each of these films the main character (s), the joy of dance, training and hard work necessary to make a dancer, and the battle for the experience and her dreams realize inspired.


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