David Blaine Levitation Revealed

David Blaine, illusionist and endurance artist American to surprise us with their acrobatics from time to time. It is known for his street magic and endurance tests show a show of its unlimited ability to break several world records known. One of his feats of levitation magic is known.

Levitation is a paranormal phenomenon without scientific basis that the act of a man himself, the field that has nothing to maintain and improve it contains. Levitation person is considered almost flew into the air.

But this trick levitation is now revealed. They say the public should sit at an angle of 45 degrees for a walk. Then the fraudsters to set foot on the ground a few inches lift, while balancing his weight on the other foot. When one foot is lifted, the second legs of the body and weight gain do not appear on the front of the audience.

A magician can float by luminous objects in the air by an invisible thread trick, as if floating in the head with a cheat sheet on the invisible thread, articulate a. These talks are traded on the market, in which computers are magic.